showing up

My dad was the kind of man who didn’t talk about emotions. About how he felt. Not a huggy guy. Product of his era and his parents’ way, I suppose. He would show up. That was his way of saying he loved you. Later as my brother and I grew up and moved away, he […]

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thanks for everything

My parent’s birthdays are a day apart in July. I’ve never been able to remember which was first. Every year, I’d get it wrong. Three years ago, knowing my sensibilities on gender equality, my father suggested a way to remember would be that, since I knew men were the superior gender, his birthday came first. […]

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Writing it down, before I forget.

After months of mysterious pain in his leg and hip, my father was diagnosed with both a bone and soft tissue sarcoma.

Merry Christmas.

In March 2009, he had a very rare, high amputation of his left leg and hip. But despite clear scans, the cancer metastasized and by August my father was dead.